Hockey set

Egypt, Iceland and Greece cultures have mentioned hockey long before the date it became an official sport. Commonly hockey is regarded to winter sports. It is commonly played on ice rinks with sticks, two goals and a puck. However the cultural evidences show that hockey was first played on a ground.

Non-ice hockey types include now road hockey, roller hockey, dek hockey, street hockey and many others the names of which determine the difference of each type. All of these hockeys are played outdoors except dek hockey which is played on specialized skating or roller rinks. Hockey is a fast, power game requiring best physical condition, strength, the fastest reaction of a player and his most tactical skills.

Have you ever thought that this dangerous but engagingsport can become the best entertainment for you and your kids, fellows, collegues and friends combining physical activity and fun? To set your hockey rink you need a piece of ground and a hockey set with sticks, goal and a puck or a ball. Amateur hockey is commonly played with one goal with no teams division being a kind of entertainment and training.

Before start you should make a choice of a hockey type which will be best fitting your abilities? Are you the best roller? Then you can play roller or inline hockey. These types require flat ideal grounding. Are you best in athletic performance and a perfect runner? Then you can give preference to other types of street hockey played on feet with no special foot wear as skates or rollers. Do you have an access to a specialized roller rink? Then you can choose quad rollers. Despite all the variety of possibilities the hockey set is still the same. You can use it to play any type of amateur hockey turning it into your hobby or even in a local competition sport.

What a common hockey set includes? Usually you will find a goal with a durable frame made of high impact PVC, two sticks made of wood or plastic and a ball or a puck. However different manufacturers can add some other items to the sets being additional netting, protection and spare balls or pucks.

Once you decide to play street hockey, you should take special care of hard protection for your body parts. Hockey is a power, tough and even hard game. The risk of injury is extremely high as the game requires speed and force. Even if you play amateur hockey you should better be protected. The most common protection is a mask hiding your head and leg and elbow pads to protect your body from injuries (bruising, fractures and other closed wounds) of sticks and in case of falling. A puck hit is also immensely painful with high risk of injury (there are many cases in professional sports with hard nose injuries and knocked out teeth, however the most dangerous are hidden injuries as cerebral concussion being a result of powerful puck hit in the head).

Street hockey has not worked out single set of rules. So you can manage your play according to the conventional ice hockey rules applying them to your game. Using hockey set is simple. Unlike other outdoor gaming equipment it does not require complex assembling. The set goal is get together in few minutes. High impact PVC tubes perform secure fit. When disassembled the set does not consume much space.

Owning a hockey set you are able to choose any available ground to set it and play the hockey you like whether inline or roller hockey or simple ground hockey. Being a captivating, engaging and awesome game for eager players hockey set will start your collection as you will feel the hardest desire of hockey drive experience. You will crave to feel the ice, to enjoy the roller speed and to indulge in hardness of street ultimate hockey!

Are you ready to face the hockey hard challenge and to hit the goal of your rival? Are you ready to fight the controversy in a power hockey play? Then a hockey set is first you should have! Never has the hockey tournament been so available and affordable.

You can now become a part of world community following one of the hardest and most extreme sports being full of danger, risk and challenge. You will feel an extreme adrenaline boost, you will never get of other sport action. Hockey engages being watched on TV! Hockey inspires being felt and survived in a sport arena with thousands of fans! Hockey is a lifestyle of real men boldly facing any challenge and risk!