Bauer hockey

Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set

The Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set is a product that was made to compete with a similar Bauer hockey set. It is a very appealing product that has some great benefits for kids but also a few drawbacks to take a good look at.

Great Features

This cheap set from Mylec is made with a simple series of materials. The two sticks, small net and ball are all made to be easier for younger players to handle. In fact, kids who are about seven to twelve years of age will easily be able to handle these materials without any problems coming out of it.

The tubes are made of PVC pipes. These pipes are thick and will create a net that weighs a little less than five pounds. The tubes are also evenly measured to where they will cover a 48 by 37 inch net. This should be suitable enough for pickup hockey games for the kids to enjoy. This size is particularly interesting for a low-cost hockey goal set.

The two sticks that come with the set are easy for kids to handle. They are about four feet in length and should be easy to carry around.

The ball itself is especially impressive. It is a soft rubber ball that is not going to be too harmful to anyone on impact. It moves well without being impacted by wind conditions. It even has a thick density to it, thus keeping it from being likely to bounce upon impact with the ground. It is arranged to work just like a normal puck but will be used for flat surfaces where there is no ice around.

It’s particularly ease to store when it is not needed. The set folds up quickly and can be stored anywhere so it will not be damaged from any outside issues.

A Few Points for Improvement

There are a few things to see in this hockey set review that could help to improve the future versions of this set or even a similar Bauer hockey set. This set could be made to come with a few extra items like some helmets for the players.

Also, a whiffle ball could be used alongside the normal ball. This could be so the players will not be as likely to be hurt as a result of using the goal set during a game. The whiffle ball must be bought separately.

The pipes on the nets are also easy to set up but they can become loose over a period of time. In some cases a super glue material has to be used just to get them to be secured. Fortunately, it takes a while for the pipes to become loose. It’s still important for people who use this affordable hockey set to check on the nets once in a while to see that they are still useful.


This cheap set does have a few problems attached to it. First, the sticks are made to where it won’t be easy for younger kids to handle them. Separate sticks are needed for kinds younger than eight.

Also, the net’s light weight may be an issue. Sometimes the net can drag on the floor during use. There’s often the need to handle weights just to keep it down.


The Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set is a great product to find when looking for a hockey set that kids can use. This is an easy to prepare set that enjoy for all.